Friday, August 17, 2012

Duo Duo

Footage from Festival International De Louisiana this last April. A duo with myself and Chad Moore. An artist and mover and shaker of many ways. This was the closing hour of the festival after working three sweltering days with the jewelry and fashion designer Natalie Pierce of Wax & Wane Designs. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Moon ~ Partial Soar Eclipse Update 11-24-11

Lost touch. A sensation that reaches from the core of the chest. pounding heart patterns.
tattered lace circling and draping from the hands of time.
Time passes by in rapid ways. folding. dividing.
i hold my piece in closed palms.

New Moon ~ Partial Soar Eclipse Update 11-24-11

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Once Stood an Altar

The year is coming to an end, and the rain streams down on this trailer, once stood an altar, now only blankets remain.

This year has been stripped down to the bare bones, where death radiates from the eyes of strangers and kin.

What was once full and blooming is now mere decay.

Yet chickweed grows lushly outside the window,

and signs of life are all around.

Protective holly bush planted by the birds, you remain.

The spirit that ignites this all is playing in the wind.

Rattling skeletons whirl by and my love becomes invisible.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The winter presents a time to promote a strong heart.

Hawthorn Berry Syrup

1. Gather all the hawthorn berries you can, store in a paper bag.

2. Rinse and pluck the stems from the berries.

3. Bring berries to a boil in a large stock pot with enough water to submerge the haws.

4. Lower heat and simmer. 

5. Use a masher to create a thick pulp. 
Add grated ginger and lemon juice. 

6. Heat a separate pot of water to boiling temperatures, turn off heat. Add raw honey. 

7. Add honey water to the pulp. 

8. Use a large strainer and a large bowl. Begin scooping the pulp onto the strainer and let the liquid drip into the bowl. Reheat the pulp once it becomes dry and cool. Add more honey water over the pulp, continue this the pulp becomes faint in color. This is when you know that the nutrients are diminished from the matter. 

Let sit overnight to cool. 

9. You are left with a thick, sweet syrup. Bottle the syrup. Keep cool. Drink with joy and feel your heart grow stronger.